Our Values:

Our values are core to all that we do. Our employees, our partners, our investors and our customers, expect excellence in tasks we undertake. Trust and integrity are vital to our mission and we embrace those that share this philosophy.

Mission Statement

To bring broad innovation to the cannabis industry by disrupting the status quo and bridging the divide between its past and its future.


Amazing things happen when people from different regions, backgrounds and sectors come together in the true spirit of collaboration. We challenge each other to do more and to do better. We align people, resources, and skills to answer the ‘How’ in an industry that is ready for a change.


  • Taking “big ag” concepts and applying it to the emerging cannabis market in Oregon.
  • Utilizing Oregon as a laboratory for our concepts, fine-tuning, and moving into emerging markets (other states) as legalization happens.
  • Vertically integrating the industry from seed to retail sale in order to keep costs down and improve margins.
  • Scaling our human resources as a traditional business rather than relying on outdated black market concepts of running a “business.”
  • Building relationships with vendors to have long-term fulfillment contracts to better alleviate future risk through underpricing the competition due to our large scale.